ANISEED Sustainability – Financial Support from the Community ?

Dear Tunicate Community,

I hope that everyone is doing well in this unprecedented period.

As you probably know, ANISEED is not currently supported by any core funding, as there is no such scheme available in France. The curation of the system, in addition to its general maintenance and new tool development is therefore only possible thanks to the contribution of individual labs from the community. In 2020, the community contributed to obtaining 25,000€ (Thank you!!!). This was in part used to employ Marion Gueroult-Bellone for a short term contract (she is currently halfway through her contract). She curated 21 articles with 383 experiments (among them 186 in mutant condition) and 35 regulatory regions analysis.

With this message, we would like to invite you to contribute to this effort for 2021. You can do so as a simple donation if the financial rules of your country allow this. We can send you a receipt. We can also send you an invoice justified with a generic motif such as “contribution to the maintenance of the ANISEED database” or “Contribution to the curation and public sharing of ascidian data”. This is for instance what Hiroki Nishida, Billie Swalla, Kohji Hotta, Lucia Manni, Alberto Stolfi and Alex McDougall/Rémi Dumollard did in the last few years. Alternatively, you can justify a financial contribution by the hosting and public sharing via ANISEED of a specific dataset (e.g. a 5 genomic browser for a genome you have sequenced or a section of the database corresponding to a species). This complies with the FAIR guidelines ( imposed by most Data Management Plans. This can be planned ahead through the mention of subcontracting to ANISEED in your grant applications. We’re happy to provide you with a paragraph. This was done last year by Lionel Christiaen, Simon Blanchoud and Patrick Lemaire. If necessary, we can also prepare a quote and send you a report of the work done with your contribution to justify the payment. To simplify the procedure from your end, you are welcome to put me in direct contact with your finance officer.

Thank you in advance for your contribution, we hope to be able to continue our curation work thanks to you and to continue to employ Marion next year.

PS: If you want to accelerate the incorporation of published article data into ANISEED, so as to make your data FAIR, please fill in this form. We will put your article in our list of items to be curated in priority.